Why PODs?


Why use a Print on Demand service?

  • Eliminates manual reconciliation between pre-printed cardboard tags and log books – and trips to DMV’s Customer Service Centers
  • Tracks tag transactions by dealership and system user
  • Reduces dealership robberies by eliminating cardboard tag inventory – the number one reason for dealership break-ins
  • Improves legibility via printer produced tags
  • Supports public safety with immediate vehicle and customer verification – even from a distance
  • Reduces upfront costs – dealerships are billed monthly only for tags issued in the previous month
  • Offers a branding opportunity for your dealership with customizable tags – put your logo or marketing image right on the tag

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Why choose Virginia Interactive?

  • Leading provider of eGovernment solutions
  • Experts in creating intuitive, user friendly systems
  • Easy automatic monthly billing options
  • Exceptional customer service
  • No software or equipment to install and manage